This is a happy place to be. For 3 years we have helped hundreds of great minds achieve what they deserved. And our journey with them is the most fulfilling experience we ever had. Let us see what these amazing students have to say about us.
“ I asked one of my friends, he referred to Nextage. Then I visited there. The response I got from Nextage was very nice. Everytime I had queries, they promptly responded. I recommend Nextage to everyone willing to study abroad.Kudos to Nextage team and everyone must visit Nextage if you are planning to study abroad or any purpose anything related to visa and it won’t cost you anything. ”

Asad Abdullah
La-Trobe University (Australia)
“ I have done my entire process from Nextage consultant and it’s been a wonderful experience. The counsellor here are just so much student friendly. My counsellor was, Kousar ma’am. But again, the unique feature of Nextage is that they do not work as an individual but work as a team. So, that helps a lot. Tayyab Sir also helped me a lot in my entire process. Thank you.

Imran Khan
Western Sydney University ( Australia)
I want to thank the entire family of Nextage for making my dream come true because I was working in a private organisation and I had no free time and everything right from opting of the correct course for me, choosing the right college and to getting accommodation after Visa, everything was guided by Nextage. I thank Kousar ma’am, Tayyab Sir and all of the member of Nextage for my guidance and I hope that Nextage guides students in recent future and make their dream come true. Thank you. ”

Rana Muneeb
“ Hello, Hi my name is Muhammad Armaghan Javed and I have enrolled for masters of professional engineering at Central Queensland University Australia. My entire application process by Nextage right from university selection to IELTS guidance and Visa application. I have received my Visa within 48 hours. Thanks to Nextage. I highly recommend to others like whoever are looking for their application process. Thank you so much, bye.

Muhammad Armaghan Javed
Central Queensland University Australia
“ Through my friend I came into contact with Nextage. They are very supportive and they have done all the process so smoothly. They will tell you to scan your documents and you have to send it to them and they will do the process on their own. They will help you in every step. I am really thankful to them because I got my visa in 24 hours, especially senior counsellor Kousar ma’am. Thank you Nextage. ”

Shehzad Mehmood
“ Kousar ma’am kept her patience with me all this months and helped me no matter how busy she was or what the time was even. Like wherever I needed help, I mailed her and she instantly replied what to do next and how to do it properly. I wish all my friends if they want to go abroad they can definitely come here and consult them here to go abroad for higher studies. ”

Muhammad Sulman Leghari
“ Hello everyone, my name is Shahbaz Aslam and I am going to Holland to pursue my Bachelor of Business . It is just because of Nextage, I have fulfilled my dream and Nextage counsellors are very supportive and very helpful. I would recommend everyone who want to pursue their higher studies in overseas should go and make their dream come true. Thank you. ”

Shahbaz Aslam
My reasons to choose Australia to study are two: first is the quality of education and another reason is that it’s easy to settle in here. I would like to thank Nextage for their constant support from starting-selecting University to my Visa.

Muhammad Sulman Fayyaz
“ I visited many consultancies but many of them given negative answers because I have a baby and this is wierd. But one of my friends said me visit to Nextage and I am coming in Nextage. And I met to Kousar madam and Tayyab Sir gave me positive answer and I am agree with her talk. And I book my file and I got Visa within one and half months. So, i say thank you to Kousar ma’am and thank you Nextage. ”

Sajid Sharif
“ I wasted my 2 to 3 months searching for perfect consultancy agent, then my friend recommend me Netxgae as he did his consultancy over here and got Visa.## Then after coming here, I found that this is the perfect option for processing my file. And then i met Kousar ma’am there. She guided me each and every step then after that we applied for Visa and I got it within 10 days. I would highly recommend Nextage to other students who want to go to further for studies.

Sarjeel Aslam
“The entire process right from choosing the college to getting the Visa was really smooth and fast. And it was a very nice experience working with Netxgae and I think Nextage is a must for anyone who wants to study abroad. ”

Shahzab Shakeel
I have done my application visa and IELTS preparations through Nextage. In the end I would like to thank Kousar ma’m and Mr. Tayyab for helping me throughout my journey with Nextage and my experience was really nice because you all are so much co-operative with me, so thank you so much. ”

Muhammad Ukasha
“ Hello, everyone this is to thank the entire Nextage team of Burewala Specially Miss Kousar & Miss Sabhat for helping through my visa as well as admission process to Edith Cowan University. I will always remember you and this is going to be very important step in my life. So, thank you so much. ”

Ali Hussain Rizvi
At first I thought procedure and the Visa procedure for Australia is really difficult and tedious but Nextage helped me through out at every step. They made it very smooth and very clear. Also my parents are also very much satisfied from the services as they were very patient and very helpful in the procedure of finances and everything. Also I got my Visa in just 4 days, so that’s amazing. I would surely recommend you Nextage. Come visit them, meet them once and they will really help you. Thank you. ”

Hassan Ali
“ I am going to Sweden and it’s all because of Nextage and the capable team they have, especially Ma’am Kousar. I am absolutely excited about the prospects and the better future that i see in the horizon and thank you so much for being so nice. ”

Zubair Bhatti
“ Nextage is one of the best mediums you can get because they can consult you. They can give you every advice through your application to your Visa. I would recommend you to come to Nextage for all your education overseas queries.

Osaf Zaffar
“ I came to know about Nextage from my relatives and really fortunate that I have considered that. And I met Miss Kousar here and she was my counsellor. She helped in every step from application filing to visa process and I am really impressed by her knowledge in this field. I would really suggest you to consider Nextage as your overseas consultant. ”

Saad Mehmood
“ I Nextage because this is a trusted consultancy and they helped me a lot from starting till the application process and finishing smoothly in granting the visa. I was very happy and whole process went very smoothly and it was very convenient for me. I did not have any tension nor any trouble because of them. My visa was also granted in 7 days because of them. They helped me a lot. ”

Usman Fayyaz
“ Applying to a foreign university is a long-winding process. The staff of Nextage made this entire procedure unbelievably simple. They offered extensive counselling and also helped with the application procedure. The visa procedure too was smooth thanks to Nextage. I am grateful to Nextage for their unstinted support and they were an invaluable ally in this journey of studying abroad. ”

Sohaib Ahamd
“ Hello, Uzair Riaz I have approached to Nextage to apply in Germany. I did both IELTS and Visa counselling from the same office in the Burewala branch. I am thankful to each and every member of the Nextage for supporting me at every step and specially I owe my gratitude to Miss Kousar Sharif. ”

Uzair Riaz